How much do you know submersible slurry pump?
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With the land surface . How much mud slurry pump pressure is affected by many factors , such as the level of drilling , fluid power into obstacles and delivery characteristics and so on. Drilling more inside , the corresponding force on the obstacle , the more pressure also increases. Such as changes in the length of the face of drilling mud slurry pump displacement must be adjusted at any time .
To make mud slurry pump pressure and displacement better play the role of diving mud to install the appropriate calculation tools , keep abreast of the latest developments mud , to avoid unnecessary accidents.
It is the time of drilling , the hole transporting liquids such as water, mud machine . Mud as a machine , is an essential part of the drilling mud industry prices. Its most important role is to process the drill mud to the designated location. He also allows the drill to become colder , so drill cleaner.
In general the drill mud diving operations, the mud water , mud , and other mixed liquid under the ground at a certain impact, through direct service professional tools at the bottom of the drill , so that the drill bit cold play , rock effect is gradually cleared debris and sent to the ground. A piston or plunger two kinds , so that by the power machine to rotate the rotating parts , rotating parts go stopper activity driven slurry pump used most mud . In the valve stop work to ensure that the role of fluid served with reciprocating .
We know that the machine and the people, with a long time, there will be some problems, diving mud may be used after a period of time efficiency will be reduced, which is what causes it ? See below :
    Volume loss submersible mud slurry pumps , also known as leakage losses , including impeller seal ring, class , three axial force balance mechanism leakage losses . Volumetric efficiency is not only the level of design and manufacture , but also with the late management. A continuous running time of the slurry pump , due to friction between the components , the gap increases , the volumetric efficiency is reduced.
Motor efficiency in the use of essentially unchanged. So choose a high-efficiency motors of crucial importance . Hydraulic losses including loss of hydraulic friction and local resistance . Mud Run after a certain time , will inevitably result in component surface impeller and guide vanes and other wear and tear, water loss increases , lower hydraulic efficiency .
Before diving mud slurry pump starts , employees do not pay attention to the preparatory work before the start of centrifugal slurry pumps , heating slurry pumps, disc slurry pumps, mud and other basic rules do not completely , often causing slurry pump cavitation , causing the slurry pump noise, vibration, low slurry pump efficiency .
Submersible slurry pump performance in two main parameters that displacement and pressure , exhaust emissions are a number of liters per minute , it is the diameter of the borehole and submersible slurry pump fluid from the required return on the speed of the bottom of the hole , that is The larger the aperture . Required larger displacement . Required rate of return on the fluid able to cut down the drill cuttings ﹑ rock powder promptly washed from bottom of the hole , and reliably carried to the surface. When the geological core drilling , the return rate is generally 0.4 to 1 m / min or so .

Mud slurry pump pressure and the size depends on the depth of the borehole , the fluid resistance of the channel through which the nature of the transported fluid and the like . The deeper drilling, the greater the pipeline resistance , the higher the pressure needed. With the change in the depth of the hole diameter ﹑ required slurry pump displacement can be adjusted at any time . The transmission mechanism is provided in the slurry pump or hydraulic motor to adjust its speed in order to change the displacement of the object
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